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Suspected subway pickpockets arrested

Two men known to police as a “lush workers” were arrested at the Hudson Yards subway station last weekend. In the first instance, early on Saturday morning, officers saw a 53-year-old man move to pickpocket a sleeping straphanger. The suspect, who was not further identified, had early been seen casing a 7 train in the station as well as the station platform, according to the police account. The man then hovered over a sleeping passenger in the middle of the train and motioned to reach into one of the sleeping man’s pockets, police said. He then resisted arrest. The man was in possession of a bent MetroCard and is a transit recidivist, grand larceny recidivist and on parole, police said.

In the second incident, early on Sunday morning, a 30-year-old man was taken into custody following similar attempts, police said. Police said the man, who also was not further identified, was casing the platform and a train car for sleeping passengers, and was walking from one car to another using the end-car doors. Police said the suspect was putting his hand in and around sleeping passengers’ pockets. Officers found multiple bent MetroCards in his possession. That man is also known as transit offender, grand larceny recidivist and transit grand larceny recidivist, police said.

Man arrested for assaulting crossing guard

An argument between a 27-year-old man and a crossing guard at the southeast corner of Ninth Avenue and West 39th Street on the evening of June 2 escalated when the younger man punched him two or three times and threw traffic cones and a metal gate at the guard, according to a police account. The younger man was arrested.

Men wanted for beer thefts

A CVS employee reported that two men stole alcohol from the pharmacy location at 500 West 23rd Street on Friday, June 1 at 11:21 a.m. Police said that the two suspects took six beers from the freezer section and left without paying.

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